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The name Frudia is a combination of "fruit", which means fruit and "dia", which, in Greek, means through or from, and together means the way in which Frudia is helped by nature to take care of the skin. Like seeds that succeed in developing through nutrients, Fruida products also use nutrients to restore the glow and health of the skin.

The Frudia story began in France, where it actually got its inspiration. It is manufactured in Korea, where the recipe for re-energizing the skin with the help of vitamins, beta-carotene and antioxidants extracted at a low temperature from fruits originates.

This brand has invented and patented a high-tech extractive process from fruits, which allows it to collect nutrients from whole fruits - not just juices and essences. Each collection includes a toner, serum, cream and sheet masks so you can mix and match the products according to your skin type, all inspired by Korean culture.

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Seum Frudia cu afine 50g

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