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Choose to be part of the beauty revolution proposed by FOREO, the Swedish brand specialized in facial and oral care devices. The design of our products has won numerous awards, thanks to the innovative combination of sonic pulsations and the revolutionary silicone brush design that ensures faster and smarter care. Everything has been designed in such a way that every step you take is more energetic. When you look good, you feel good, and our mission is accomplished.

Ever since 2013, since its launch, FOREO wanted to be the brand that brings innovation to the daily routine of both women and men.

The technology used to create facial cleansing devices has won numerous awards over the years, becoming one of everyone's favorites, going around the world. Now, a FOREO product is sold every 3 seconds.

Ever since the first product launched, which is still preferred - Foreo Luna -, the brand has conquered markets all over the world! Try it yourself to convince yourself!

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Foreo Espada Magenta

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